Live Immediately

Create positive change and take
control of your life today

We live in a world where we chase that imaginary finishing line, we continuously feel time poor, we feel ashamed as we don’t spend the time we want with our family, we push our life and dreams to tomorrow, but that day never arrives.

Sharing stories and lessons learnt along the way from his life altering adventure with his family, Mike Campbell’s keynote, Live Immediately is perfect for people who have a burning desire to grow and improve their life, and know now is the right time to create positive change.

Live Immediately challenges audiences to stop pushing their dreams and desires, their growth, their life to tomorrow, and to act now.

Motivational, inspirational, and challenging, this thought provoking keynote is an exciting experience for any audience. Will your audience be the next to act now and Live Immediately?

What You Will Learn

  • Why time is the true currency
  • Tackle fear by asking one question
  • The benefits of less
  • How what you want is often already within your reach
  • Today is not your life, but your life is today